Global Broadband Experience Scorecard 2015

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Global Map Scorecard

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Best Broadband Experience

Network speed, network performance and exemplary customer service are the key components of today’s best broadband experience

Network performance

  • Stable & reliable network
  • Waiting time (0-max 3 seconds)
  • Buffering (never-rare)
  • Picture quality (excellent rating)

Network speed

  • Minimum 10Mbs for internet apps and SD videos
  • 50Mbs+ for UHD/HD video

Excellent customer service

  • Issue resolution at first contact
  • Responsive service provisioning
  • Activation and restoration

Consumer Application Experience

Watching video is now an everyday application and a good broadband experience now rests on faultless delivery of video content.

  • World: OTT Video Revenues in US$ billions, split by resolution

    OTT Video Revenues in US$ billions, split by resolution Source: Ovum
  • Services accessed at home via fixed- broadband service? Source: Ovum
  • Level of usage - Download / watch full-length films / TV programs

    The indicated level of use for the following services

Watching short video is now almost as popular as social networking

70%16-34yr oldsAround 70% of 16 – 34 yr olds watch internet video at least twice a week; and over 30% of 16 – 24 yr olds watch it several times a day!

47%And almost half of 16 – 24yr olds expect to watch even more next year!

The Broadband Experience Scorecard aims at leveraging the many different factors that drive the consumer experience of broadband.

By analysing a broad set of qualitative and quantitative indicators from 30 countries, the methodology generates a series of four regional scorecards that allow the diversity of the broadband experience to be fully analysed and discussed.

Key variables

  • Current connectivity – looks at the broader national broadband environment that shapes the technical and competitive landscape.

  • Growth Momentum – looks at the rate of growth of broadband in each market, including conversion of slower to higher download speeds.

  • Consumer Network Score – looks at how consumers consider the performance of their network connection, as it affects their usage of applications.

  • Service & Application Experience – looks at how consumers use a range of applications, and how they feel about the actual experience of using those applications.


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